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Iris James Garrison and Alex Harwood come together as Bloomsday, the Brooklyn-based indie pop duo formed in 2019. The band is fronted by Iris (they/them), who sings with warmth and darkness in the quiet hours where shadows and ghosts rise to the surface. Over the course of 2020, Bloomsday’s debut album Place to Land was recorded as a collection of songs written throughout Iris’ gender transition. The songs weave through periods of loss, upheaval, hope, fear and setting oneself free. The album explores the yearn to find homes in other people, places, addictions or memories; ultimately finding a place to land within the self. The duo expresses their learned lessons through difficult growth that they witnessed in one another over the years, with playfulness and heart wrenching melodies, they hold space for whatever comes up. The "brotherly dynamic" brings tenderness and trust to the songs, as the two set out on a new chapter with their first ever LP.