yeule Announces 'Glitch Princess'

Today, Singapore-born, London-based artist Nat Ćmiel, a.k.a yeule, announces their new album Glitch Princess due February 4th, 2022 via Bayonet Records. Glitch Princess opens a channel to the in-between spaces: error messages and broken computer code, what it is to be conceptually manifested and the curation of the aesthete. Glitch Princess is the undiluted excerpt of a downpour of emotions following Ćmiel’s experiences with sobriety - a redirection of chaotic energy into verse and the opportunity to confront their own vices.
 Along with the album announcement, yeule shares the lead single and video "Don't Be So Hard On Your Own Beauty." Directed by Joy Song, the video sees yeule flexing their skills as an artist of many mediums, dancing through a labyrinth of saturated pink, purple and green landscapes. To capture the off-kilter nature of the video, yeule learned to sing the lyrics to the song backwards as part of the choreography.
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