Taphari Shares Video for New Song "Jet Stream"

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It's the end of the world as we know it, but Taphari feels fine 🌻  Today the rapper & singer shares a music video for his post-apocalyptic banger "Jet Stream" out everywhere now! Written while cooped up in his Brooklyn apartment, “Jet Stream” is a light beam piercing through a thick fog, leading us into uncharted territory. 

On the meaning behind the track, Taphari had this to say: “In the face of so much uncertainty at the start of the year, 2020 has been a catalyst for change. The world stopped, isolation forced people to face themselves and self-actualize. Things are not going back to what they were before, but it's also not an ending. ‘Jet Stream’ was written while processing the start of this new age.”

With the help of seasoned Brooklyn producers Carlos Truly and Tony Seltzer, Taphari infuses whimsy and levity into his second single of 2020. Seltzer’s hard-hitting percussion propels the track forward, as Truly’s melodies meander throughout, leaving room for Taphari to ride his flow like a jet stream into his own soulful hook. Doom doesn’t phase Taphari, it merely pushes him to dive into the depths of himself to find the light that's always been there. Join us as we usher in a new era with Taphari as our pilot ✈️

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