Pretty Boy by Kevin Krauter

'Pretty Boy' by Kevin Krauter is out today,
ahead of his tour with Soccer Mommy. 
"I would sit and play this song on guitar for hours and hours before I wrote any words or melodies, just existing in it and meditating almost. Around the same time, I was undergoing a pretty major shift in perspective, and I began to find a lot of unexpected love and confidence in myself. The lyrics reflect those ideas." 
There you have it, from Kevin himself!
Give it a listen and check out the tour dates
to see if he's coming to a city near you!
7/9/2019 - Asheville, NC
7/10/2019 - Richmond, VA
7/12/2019 - Millvale, PA
7/13/2019 - Toronto, Canada
7/15/2019 - Ferndale, MI
7/16/2019 - Columbus, OH
Tickets and more details HERE.