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Kinlaw Premieres New Single + Video "Haircut" on Clash Magazine

It's another stunner from Kinlaw. Today the New York-based musician, composer, choreographer, and visual artist premieres the music video for her third single “Haircut” on Clash UK. The heartwrenching track is lifted from her forthcoming album The Tipping Scale out February 19th. Watch the video for "Haircut," directed by Dance Lawyer below.
"Haircut" touches on that temporary and familiar release: a dramatic haircut in the midst of chaos and the stillness that follows. Engulfed in the mundanity of her parents' North Carolina yard (yes those are her real parents), Kinlaw is aesthetically and emotionally isolated, preoccupied with her sobering inner monologue. Gesturing with the gentle swells of ethereal bells, Sarah maintains her commitment to movement through heartbreak. 
Kinlaw said of the track:
I cut my hair to confuse myself. It started as a mission to change who I was, to make a new and better version, but ended with my feeling like I no longer knew what I was mourning. ‘Haircut’ is a question of personal power, and even speaking on this song today has been challenging because it was written when I was unsure if I had any power left. I think 'Haircut' can be a lot of things to many different people, particularly those who identify with the juxtaposition of in-depth, internal dialogue paired with everyday coping strategies. There is a sweetness to it, but also such substantial, unwavering difficulty. Today, I prefer to think of ‘Haircut’ as an anthem of resilience and an ode to the ways we keep going, we shapeshift, and we reinstall that there is a way to find what it is we are hoping to find.”
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