Lionlimb Shares "Ultraviolet" Video


Lionlimb - the project of Stewart Bronaugh - presents the new single, “Ultraviolet,” from his forthcoming album, Spiral Groove, out November 12th on Bayonet. It follows “Nothing” and the “immaculate and expansive” (Stereogum) “Loveland Pass.” “This song is about those things you can’t see or hear but you know exist,” says Bronaugh. “It could be colors beyond our visual limits or the thoughts, dreams, and emotions of a stranger on the train. I think being an artist means to live in and explore that hidden world. Life wants us to stay on the surface. But if you can be still and relax your mind there is a whole other life that you can access at any time. The ‘ultraviolet light’ in this song is that other world.”

As the world shut down during the final stretch of the Spiral Groove mixing process, the downtime gave Bronaugh the opportunity to delve into design. Inspired by early animation techniques and handmade cinema, he was able to build out lyric videos with a lush but low-tech aesthetic, like the one for “Ultraviolet.” The lyric video reflects the track’s more melancholic qualities - a blend of lightly picked guitar and hushed vocals that sound like twilight. 

Bronaugh continues, “By layering images on top of each other I wanted to create a visual representation for this world within a world and the interconnected magic of everything. I also chose gouache watercolor because I think it best represents this feeling of being under the surface.”