Kinlaw Shares Video for "The Mechanic"

Brooklyn-based choreographer, performance artist and musician Kinlaw releases a new music video for “The Mechanic.” Their album ‘The Tipping Scale came out this past February on Bayonet Records and features an introspective collection of dance-inducing, ornate dark-pop tracks that explore deeply humanistic themes of empathy, loss, confusion, regret, power and hope. The video finds Kinlaw bridging the space between video and live performance. Created with NYC-based artist and curator Dance Lawyer over many months, the video pushes the idea of movement being musical and sound an intricate dance. Her interest in psychoacoustics and playing with cinematic sound design led her to recruit sound designer Colin Alexander to weave in sound effects with choreography, turning the dance into added musical elements within the track. 

On the video, Kinlaw had this to say: “The remixes are playful. It doesn’t take itself too seriously but is still exploratory. Video brought new life into these recordings initially, so I worked with Colin Alexander to weave SFX with the choreography, turning the dance into this added musical element within the track.” 

Kinlaw is sharing a movement and vocal-based performance titled ‘The Tipping Scale Extended’ at the Center for Performance Research in New York City February 8th and 9th. Get your tickets here