Introducing TAPHARI + Lyric Video for 'Minding My Business'

We're stoked to announce our newest signing, the rap alien himself, Taphari! A young loner from the Brownsville, Brooklyn, Taphari seeks asylum in laughter, queer expression, hip hop and the internet. Join him on his mission to understand himself, find happiness, and ultimately connect with the world at large.
Take a trip into Taphari's world with the lyric video for his first solo track in over a year. “Minding My Business” is an anthem for every self-reliant loner staying in their lane. The hook hits less than 15 seconds in, a deep bassline that only cuts out to make room for his sharply stylized flow, “I’m only loyal to my peace.” Hellishly deep vocals lie just underneath, pushing to the surface a foamy pop melody, blending together to make a perfectly dark hip-hop track.
Animated by SIFA, the lyric video centers Taphari’s pink custom Motorola Razr floating in the void. He lets it ring; Taphari’s too caught up in his flow to get involved in “that mundane shit.” As the missed calls rack up, his self-assured lyrics dance across the screen, “That fake love, don’t need it.” 
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