Introducing Benét: "Funny" ft Childish Major Out Now!

We're so excited to announce the newest member of the Bayonet fam, Benét! We first discovered the Richmond-based, non-binary artist's music last spring and we've been ~obsessed~ ever since. They make addicting, groovy indie-pop we think you'll love! "Funny" ft. Childish Major is their first single with us, and it's out now to stream wherever you get your music.

Coming in at just under three minutes, 'Funny' captures the ebbs and flows of young love over walking basslines and wobbling synths. Despite their youth and self-described kooky” online persona, Benét shares “Funny” as “a call to action” in the hopes of being taken more seriously as an artist. Look out for more music from Benét in the coming months!
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Benét (Benét Nutall) is a Black trans non-binary artist based in Richmond, VA. Raised in a musically inclined family, Benét‘s ear for melody is finely tuned. “My mom would always say ‘Don’t sing my part’” Benét says. “I had to come up with another line when singing together.” Being challenged vocally, Benét’s writing formed an incredible sense of harmony out of necessity. Beyond clear vocal talent, Benét’s vulnerable lyrics continue to pursue the audience long after the first play.

From a young age, Benét was drawn to creative means of expression, immersing themselves in their local scene and dipping their toes in mediums across the board. Fast forward to 21-years-old, Benét is acutely aware of the ways their upbringing, both in Virginia and on the Internet have impacted their music. Social media has not only informed the way they create, but who they create with. Connecting and collaborating with artists online has allowed them to expand their musical bounds, and make friends along the way. Previous releases from Benét include “Stan Account” a double single featuring viral Tiktok hit 'Killing Eve' released last year on Richmond-imprint Citrus City.