Donate to this BIPOC Doula Training Scholarship Fund!

Looking for a way to support Black and Indigenous people? May we recommend Conerstone's Black and Indigenous People of Color Only Doula Training Scholarship Fund

We'll be pivoting our donation of Bandcamp proceeds from our new compilation 'Curve It In Peace' to support this fund, and think you should donate to them too!

Every few weeks for eternity, we'll be switching up the organization we donate compilation proceeds to, and encourage you to donate directly to that organization as well!

Why the BIPOC Only Doula Training Scholarship Fund?
The fund puts power and money back into the hands of Black and Indigenous Birthworkers, who essentially began the practice of midwifery, though due to systemic racist discrimination, are not as common as they once were. If fully funded, this scholarship would cover essential training for 27 Black and Indigenous Birthworkers!!


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