Carlos Truly Shares Video for "108th"

The debut single from Carlos Truly's new record 'Not Mine' is out today. Stream "108th" and watch the video here. Casting an eye on Central Park and growing up in NYC, Carlos further shares about the song + video: 
"I’d like to leave a bit of mystery here, but do some research sometime on the displacements that occurred during the planning of Central Park. I went to high school on E. 94th street, so most of my first relationship played out in its paths and woods. That really is a moment frozen in time for me, a personal history-- and yet, let’s take a moment to acknowledge how our personal histories play out in a continuum, and how every inch of ground we walk is shared with the histories and stories of everyone who came before. This land was stolen, then stolen again, then stolen again -- all so she and I could share our beautiful moment. So whenever I find myself somewhere new, I give pause before talking about 'my street!'"