Bayonet 2021 Year in Videos

2021 is coming to a close and oh my what a year! We put out so many music videos all of which were made with lots of love and care, so we thought we'd highlight them here.

January 28th - Kinlaw - Haircut

This song and video made us cry. It didn't help that we released it at the start of 2021 when things were particularly emotional. It also didn't help that Kinlaw's entire real life family is in this video, and it was filmed in her backyard in North Carolina.

 February 18th - Kinlaw - Blindspot ASL Lyric Video

The beautiful and talented Annabella Mull took the time to translate Kinlaw's song "Blindspot" to sign language.

February 18th - Kinlaw - Permissions ASL Lyric Video

Annabella also did "Permissions" with her fabulous nails.

May 25th - Taphari - Table 42 ft. Pink Siifu

Taphari and Pink Siifu joined forces at the end of the world for this video. This one was a labor of love, directed by our pal HarryJames Clifford. We filmed this video in a janky hotel outside of Philly, in our warehouse, and in a snowstorm.

June 3rd - Carlos Truly - Nausea (Live)

A welcome introduction to Carlos Truly aka Carlos Hernandez of the band Ava Luna to the Bayonet roster. This one was shot by HarryJames Clifford and Taphari, with background visuals by Ryan Sciaino. If you look carefully, you'll find our label manager Stefanie singing back up vocals ;)

June 8th - Benét - Shoot Your Shot

Benét takes their song to the court in the Connor Barrett directed video for the summertime hit "Shoot Your Shot".

July 13th - Taphari - Cost You

Taphari summons spirits on the electric video for "Cost You." It's the song everyone goes crazy for at the show, video directed by HarryJames Clifford.

August 17th - Benét - Are You Real?

Sultry and sensual video for Benét's spooky track "Are You Real?" directed by Jason Watson.


August 31st - Lionlimb - Loveland Pass

The beautiful video to Lionlimb's "Loveland Pass" shot by Dave Clark.

September 9th - kelz - Lover

The serene introduction to kelz, our new signing all the way from Orange County, California. More to come form kelz in the new year :)

September 15th - Lionlimb - Nothing

The lyric video for Lionlimb's "Nothing" shot and edited by Stewart Bronaugh.

September 22nd - Beach Fossils - This Year (Piano)

The lyric video for Beach Fossils' jazz rendition of "This Year" shot and edited by Dustin Payseur. A quintessentially New York City video.


October 5th - Lionlimb - Ultraviolet

The stunning watercolor lyric video for Lionlimb's big bop "Ultraviolet" all painted by Stewart himself.

October 7th - yeule - Don't Be So Hard On Your Own Beauty

yeule literally learned the words to their song backwards to make this video. It's a pretty impressive feat considering they're dancing as they're lip syncing. This was the first single off 'Glitch Princess' which is headed your way February 4th. Directed by Joy Song.


October 22nd - Taphari - Back Soon ft. Benét

It's the collab we didn't know we needed, Taphari and Benét together at last on "Back Soon" directed by Connor Barrett.

October 26th - Lionlimb - Gone

Stewart captures ominous footage of New York City at the start of the pandemic in the eerie lyric video for "Gone." This one makes us emotional too.

 November 10th - yeule - Friendly Machine

Another Joy Song directed video, this time for yeule's "Friendly Machine." Another incredible feat from yeule. 


November 12th - Lionlimb - Everyday

The final video of the year, a trippy lyric video for Lionlimb's "Everyday" made by Stewart. Great to watch if you're high or just want something to relax your brain to.

That's all for now! We'll see you in the new year with more vids