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Beach Fossils

Beach Fossils 'Clash the Truth + Demos'

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Beach Fossils’ sophomore album, Clash the Truth, is modern post-punk triumph that’s left a lasting impression on the music scene it was born out of. After releasing their self titled debut and the beloved EP, What a Pleasure, songwriter and composer Dustin Payseur began recording dissonant and introspective demos reflecting on his southern upbringing and young adulthood in New York. The tracks that would eventually make up Clash the Truth involved Payseur taking his songwriting in a new direction, employing jagged instrumentals, existential lyrics, and socially conscious subject matter.

Beach Fossils’ modern post-punk triumph, Clash the Truth, is now being reissued for the first time on Dustin Payseur and his partner Katie Garcia’s own label, Bayonet Records, including a limited edition clear pink vinyl pressing.

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