yeule's Glitch Princess Out Now

"ribbony acoustic pop in perpetual motion: sprinting, twirling, and cartwheeling toward self-acceptance” - The FADER
“Yeule is building their own universe” - CLASH
"In yeule’s beguiling music, the future is now." - The Guardian
"yeule's darker, glitchier ambience combined with Danny's bright, euphoric, rubbery stamp – is something to behold" - Vice

yeule's highly anticipated sophomore record 'Glitch Princess' is out now! We have long awaited this moment and it's finally here! And just in time for Bandcamp Friday!

The multi-disciplinary artist and cyborg entity opens a channel to the in-between spaces. 'Glitch Princess' is an undiluted excerpt of an emotional down pour, inviting us to transcend into a post-human world where expression is no longer bound by identity.