The Year in Videos

With 2021 around the corner, let's take a moment to look back on all the music and lyric videos put out by our artists. This year saw glitched out animation, car crashes, and black joy.
Kevin Krauter - Green Eyes - January 14
Kicked off the year with this trippy video for Kevin Krauter's 'Green Eyes' with visuals by Azael Espino
Kevin Krauter - Opportunity - February 5 
Another pre-pandemic vid, "Opportunity' the instant classic from Kevin Krauter off of his sophomore LP 'Full Hand.'
Taphari - Minding My Business - June 4
A hard-hitting introduction to a new member of the family, Taphari! A summer banger for the loners just trying to get by. Animated visuals by the talented SIFA.
Taphari - Jet Stream - October 16
'Jet Stream' was the quarantine anthem we didn't know we needed. It's expression of black joy in a moment of crisis, a light piercing through the fog of election anxiety, if you will.
Kinlaw - Blindspot - October 20

Kinlaw's bold introduction to the world of her new record, "The Tipping Scale" out 2021. 'Blindspot,' directed by Kathleen Dycaico finds Kinlaw trapped in a box with her younger self, only to dramatically break free to a captivating beat.
Smut - Fan Age - October 30
'Fan Age' was the explosive introduction to Chicago-based crunchy pop band Smut. Homemade and self directed, this video's a time warp bringing us back to simpler days of the 90s.
Kinlaw - Permissions - November 16
The second single from Kinlaw, 'Permissions' finds the artist emerging from a dramatic car crash. Not only is it a cinematic masterpiece, but it's got a few cameos from members of our staff and even Taphari!
Smut - Perfect Dark - December 1
We closed out the year with the glitched-out animated visuals for 'Perfect Dark' the final track off Smut's new EP "Power Fantasy." Not to be confused with the video game of the same name.
And that's a rap on videos in 2020... or is it?