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We’re excited to share a new single “UFO” from rising genre-free artist Taphari, along with an out-of-this-world lyric video. The song is written and produced by Taphari, a self-directed pop effort with a question nestled at its core. “Why can I not conquer love?” he asks over horns and synths, summoning images of a warrior in battle.

Taphari has this to say of the track: “UFO is me coming to accept that I work, create, love and live better in isolation. It's that final sigh after another effort is met with disappointment. A requiem for a dream; the death of desire for the entanglements of community. A surrender to the truth that for my peace I gotta approach life on earth with a DIY mindset."

Taphari previously released Blind Obedience on Bayonet Records in July of 2021. Pitchfork called the debut album a part airing of grievances, part origin story: a blood-stained portrait of the forces that made him. Noisey calls him “Brooklyn’s Best Rap Alien,” he’s a loner from the hood seeking asylum in laughter, queer expression, hip hop and the internet.

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