Carlos Truly Shares Lyric Video for "Vessel"

Today Brooklyn-raised producer & artist, Carlos Truly (of indie supergroup Ava Luna) shares his third single "Vessel"co-produced with Nick Hakim and taken from his upcoming debut album Not Mine out July 1st.
Carlos shares about the song: "Spoiler alert, our bodies are all we’ve got. I see this as a love song, but not just in that way of being infatuated with someone, but really like, this person has nurtured me, nurtured growth in me. “This vessel is a border, a line I can’t cross, til you carry me over, now I’m bathed in sun.” You could say I’m singing from the POV of a house plant -- the perfect example of a beautiful creature who transcends their vessel via acts of love. The vessel in that case is a limitation but it’s also an invitation, like, is it a weakness to admit that love helps you grow? Even in spaces where you would otherwise wither? I think not!"
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