Announcing Curve It In Peace: A Bayonet Records Compilation out via Bandcamp June 5th

This Friday for Bandcamp Day we're releasing a compilation called Curve it in Peace, named after a lyric by our newest signee, an artist whose wisdom will grace your life later this week. 
In solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter and protestors around the country, starting Friday and throughout the weekend, we'll be donating the label's portion of the profits from this compilation to Black Visions Collective and Reclaim the Block. This means that the money you spend on this comp will go directly to organizations working toward racial justice AND in the pockets of our artists whose livelihoods have been impacted by COVID-19.
This comp has everything: a special Beach Fossils track, Lionlimb's first new song since 2018, a boppin yeule remix, and the debut track from that new Bayonet artist who you'll get to meet on Thursday. Make sure to follow Bayonet on Bandcamp to get the comp as soon as it drops, and stay tuned for the big signing announcement on our socials.

Audre Lorde said "Revolution is not a one time event." We as a label and as people must continuously check ourselves and our inherent biases, acknowledge the ways in which we benefit from white supremacy and systemic racism, donate resources to organizations working to change the material realities of black folx, and amplify black voices. It’s time to shut up, listen, show up, and donate. We are all responsible for dismantling systems of oppression because black lives fucking matter.
Hope you're staying safe, healthy, and relatively sane. Peace & Love